#Complete Blood Count, or what is known as CBC, for short.

#This device is used to give a complete picture of blood components, and blood tubes containing EDTA anticoagulant are used as the best anticoagulant for the Hematology Department, as it prevents the agglutination of blood cells and other components on each other, which helps to give correct results, and ensure the safety of the CBC device from blockage of the ducts of the device In the event of passing clotted masses of blood components. The coulter device for the CBC process works on counting white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets (blood components). By means of a Todi substance to break down red blood cells and the exit of hemoglobin, which is measured by spectrophotometers. The second compartment where red blood cells and platelets are measured. The method of measurement depends on the presence of an electric field saturated with an isoton solution to equalize the charges, and the presence of a column through which an electric current of a constant voltage passes. #According to the size of the passing blood components and the intensity of electrical resistance, these components are differentiated as follows: Platelets platelets of 20-40 microns. Red blood cell of 40-60 microns. White blood cell > 60 microns. As for the following tests, they are measured and their proportions calculated mathematically by means of equations stored in the device:- Hematocrit (HCT) measurement. Mean cellular volume (MCV). Mean cellular hemoglobin (MCH) measurement. The results are recorded on a special printer connected to the device. #Available now at MD Company, Ltd., the finest types of CBC devices with high efficiency and quality Excellent price To order, contact DM by sending a message or contact the company’s sales team #Follow us to get all new #Marketing_team